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Training programmes



Training programmes provide both general and specific information on the project design and management in reference to the actions planned in the EU Horizon 2020 Programme. Particular attention is and shall be dedicated to administrative and financial aspects to lift those barriers potential applicants are constantly confronted with.



The training courses aim to provide support to any individual interested in presenting a successful project as well as to give participants management tips regarding European projects, with the clear objective of facilitating removal of hurdles, fully exploitation of applicants’ potential and access to knowledge.



APRE provides both a periodic calendar/timetable with basic, advanced orad hoctraining courses and training modules according to customized  private or public organizations specific needs.


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Horizon 2020

  • Module 1 – HORIZON 2020 Programme (1 day)
  • Module 2 – SME Support under H2020: from Ideas to Market (1 day)
  • Module 3 – How to Become an External Evaluator for the European Commission (1 day)
  • Module 4 - The Consortium Agreement and the IPR (1 day)
  • Module 5 - Strategies for Disseminating Research Projects Results (1 day)
  • Module 6 - The Horizon 2020 Framework Programme – How to Structure your Proposal (2 days)
  • Module 7 - HORIZON 2020 – Focus on financial Rules/Regulations (2 days)
  • Module 8 - Writing a successful MSCA programme proposal (2 days)
  • Module 9 - Writing a successful ERC programme proposal (2 days)
  • Module 10 - R&I Smart Specialization and Financial Instruments in the 2014-2020 Programming Period (2 days)