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First and unique entity of its kind in Italy, APRE – Agency for the Promotion of the European Research maintains close relations with the most important national institutional actors active in the field of Research and Innovation, with a view to promoting the development and the internationalization of the Italian R&I system, by providing information, training and assistance services.


APRE was born in 1989 as European Research Task Force as an initiative of the Ministry of Education and Research and a number of public and private entities. Its aim was to address the ever growing request for information on European research funding programmes. Since 1990, APRE has been operating as a non-profit association to serve the public offering free-of-charge assistance to all actors of the Italian R&I system.

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From the beginning of its existence, APRE has been providing information, training and assistance services related to European research and innovation programmes. In parallel to those activities, APRE also offers assistance to support innovation, international cooperation, data analysis, advocacy and public engagement in all areas of the European R&I.


The APRE team is composed of 40 experts who work in close collaboration with both the Italian and international communities in order to transform APRE’s mission into concrete value for its associates, partners, and public stakeholders interested in European research. Organised in four departments -institutional relations, innovation, projects, and administration – and in thematic working groups, APRE staff is characterised by its professional and multidisciplinary approach. Thematic experts, project managers, policy officers, professionals in stakeholder engagement and communication, innovation managers and legal and financial consultants work together applying an innovative approach in order to offer services and to co-design activities consistent with the needs of APRE’s associates, addressing at the same time the opportunities offered by the R&I ecosystem.


APRE associated members share the same mission of the Agency. They are among the most important Italian representatives from the public and the private R&I sector, and they come from:

• University and Research
• Industry
• Parks and Scientific & Technological Districts
• Public Administration
• Associative and chamber system
• Finance


In order to strengthen the cooperation between public and private institutions as well as to promote and spread the European research at regional level, APRE established a helpdesk network. The helpdesks are hosted and managed by APRE associates.

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Since 2010, the EU Liaison Office in Brussels has allowed APRE to act in close contact with the EU institutions and other key players of the EU decision-making process, promoting a strengthened engagement of its members and the Italian R&I community in the EU policies and programmes.


APRE is the headquarter of the National Contact Points (NCPs). The network of NCPs has been recognised by the European Commission and appointed to provide free-of-charge information and assistance for the participation in the EU Framework Programmes for R&I. NCPs are present in 27 Member States, in Horizon Europe associated Countries as well as in Third Countries. The role of NCPs is of crucial importance for providing information and assistance to applicants for European funds.


APRE has developed and maintained relations with the most important institutional actors in Italy operating in the area of research and innovation, enabling development and internationalisation of the Italian research and innovation system. Those actors include ministries, national agencies, regional research institutions and numerous public entities.


Apart from financial resources provided by its associated members, APRE receives funding through participation to projects and providing training in the areas related to European Union research and innovation.
We inform you that pursuant to Law no. 124/2017, paragraph 125-129 of Article 1, the so-called Annual Law for the market and competition, APRE with tax code / VAT number 03929151003 received the following public funds in the 2018 financial year.

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