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Project management

Solid experience in executive management, as a Coordinator and Work Package leader of medium and big size projects, process monitoring (technical and financial), communication with European Commission, expert in contractual aspects.

entrepreneurship and
support for companies

Data gathering, large scale surveys, qualitative and quantitative needs analysis of companies, elaboration of technological and innovation studies in various sectors , analysis of research and innovation policies, good practices and technology transfer.


Strong experience in developing training modules and related activities (courses, workshops, seminars, webinars, study visits) in all areas of the framework programme (horizontal and thematic aspects) provided at the national, European and international level (e.g. for National Contact Points or extra-EU R&I organisations).

Networking, stakeholder
engagement and co-
creation events

APRE supports the transition towards responsible and participative open research and innovation through analytical activities and practices in the field of RRI and co-creation methodologies (open innovation). These include comparative analyses of co-creation cases in Europe and identification of best practices; tailored training for the research organizations; design and setting of multi-actor dialogues and consultations with policymakers to address specific challenges of research and innovation

Communication and
promotional activities

From the development of tailored communication and dissemination strategies to the implementation of a whole range of communication activities, including the design of visual identity, development of promotional toolkits and websites, management of social media and organization of events at regional, national and European level.

Science diplomacy

APRE supports the European Commission in its pursuit of bilateral agreements in the field of science and technology (S&T Agreement) through its participation in various networks and projects aiming at reinforcing scientific international relations and collaborations.

International cooperation
in the field of R&I

Experience in international cooperation in the field of R&I consolidated through collaboration with more than 40 countries, through coordination of international platforms, organization of staff exchanges, mapping of STI ecosystems, definition of the international research priorities, developing of political roadmaps, and recommendations at bilateral and multilateral levels.

Policy analysis

Policy analysis of various sectors of research and innovation through data gathering, big scale surveys, qualitative and quantitative analysis, elaboration of reports related to technology and innovation, drafting recommendations.


The objective of APRE’s advocacy activities is to contribute to the definition of European policies in the area of research and innovation and European Union framework programmes while facilitating their correspondence with the capacities and interests of the Italian research and innovation system and the network of APRE’s associates, who represent the majority of public and private leading actors of Italian R&I. This activity is carried out in close collaboration between APRE headquarter in Rome and the Liaison Office in Brussels. APRE Liaison Office in Brussels is responsible for maintaining close and constant links with key European actors in charge of decision making, organization of events and discussions with European institutions as well as for the elaboration and promotion of position papers.

Contact us

To get in touch with the APRE team on specific areas of expertise for participation in national and European projects or for personalised services and offers, please contact:

tel: 06 48 93 99 93

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