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First and unique entity of its kind in Italy, APRE – Agency for the Promotion of European Research, operates in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Research...


APRE was born in 1989 as European Research Task Force as an initiative of the Ministry of Education and Research and a number of public and private entities. Its aim was to address the ever...

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From the beginning of its existence, APRE has been providing information, education and assistance services related to European research and innovation programmes. In parallel to...

First and unique entity of its kind in Italy, APRE – Agency for the Promotion of European Research, operates in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Research with the objective of supporting and promoting Italian participation in the European Union research and innovation (R&I) programmes, by providing information, education and assistance services.



APRE’s network is composed of the most important Italian representative entities in the research and innovation field, from both the public and the private sector. They are, at the same time, active and valuable assets and main beneficiaries of APRE’s activities.

Italian National
Contact Points

APRE hosts H2020 and Horizon Europe NCPs in Italy, offering free-of-charge assistance and information services related to the participation in EU Framework Programmes for R&I. The Italian NCPs work with NCPs from 130 countries across  international networks.

EU Liaison Office
in Brussels

The EU Liaison Office in Brussels contributes to place APRE and its members in contact with EU institutions and key players of the decision-making process, promoting the engagement of  the Italian R&I community in the EU policies and programmes.

Europe Network

APRE is a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the European initiative, composed of 600 nodes in more than 60 countries, supporting companies and  research organizations in developing their innovation potential in line with EU policies.


APRE maintains close relations with the institutional actors engaged the R&I field in Italy, supporting the development and internationalization of the national R&I system. These entities include Ministries, public organizations and agencies as well as representatives of the regions.

International Partnerships

APRE contributes to the development, modernization, and internationalization of the Italian R&I system, facilitating collaboration opportunities between national innovators and researchers with international partners.


Over thirty years, APRE has developed skills and competencies allowing for effective support to the Italian participation in European R&I programmes.


APRE organizes seminars and meetings on European research and innovation policies and the Framework Programme. APRE periodically organizes National Infodays on the EU Framework Programme and its calls, on behalf of the Italian Ministry of University and Research, in collaboration with the European Commission and the APRE Associates’ Network. The events proposed by APRE are dedicated to the Italian as well as to the international R&I community, hosting prominent speakers from the European research scene.

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