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Since 2010, the EU Liaison Office in Brussels has contributed to place APRE and its members in direct and constant contact with EU institutions and other key players of the EU’s decision-making process, promoting a strengthened engagement of our network and the whole Italian Research & Innovation community in the EU R&I policies and programmes.

Main activities

Our main activities in Brussels include:

  • Institutional Relations – Maintaining and expanding APRE’s relations with European institutions and other key actors in the decision-making process – Commission, Parliament, Member States’ Permanent Representations, relevant Liaison Offices, European networks and R&I umbrella organisations – through bilateral contacts and meetings as well as the participation in multilateral networks.
  • Policy – Ongoing monitoring of European R&I policies, the Horizon Europe Framework Programme – with particular attention to its cross-cutting policy elements -, relevant sectoral macro-policies and R&I components in other EU programmes.
  • Advocacy – Targeted advocacy initiatives in line with the priorities of APRE and its members (drafting of position papers, contribution to Commission consultations and surveys, etc.).
  • Information and communication – Internal and external information and communication activities, including the creation of informative and in-depth contents dedicated to our members (e.g. the monthly newsletter APREbrussels).
  • Events – Organisation of events on topics of interest in different formats (events open to the public, debates reserved for APRE members and Brussels-based stakeholders, etc.).
  • Funding – Activities to support the growth and economic sustainability of APRE (contribution to project management, contribution to strengthening our network of members, etc.).

Moreover, since 2017, APRE Brussels team has coordinated the activities of the GIURI – the Informal Group of Italian R&I Liaison Offices in Brussels, of which APRE is a founding member since 2011.

> For more information on GIURI, please visit the network’s LinkedIn page.

Overall, EU Liaison Office’s activities aim at contributing to make APRE a reference point for the representation and promotion of Italian R&I community interests at EU level. These activities are always performed in close coordination with our headquarters in Rome.

APRE Brussels office team also supports several activities directly related to the Rome office (National Contact Point activities, training, project-management, international cooperation, etc.).


EU Liaison Office in Brussels:

Tel: +32 2 290 22 71


Mattia Ceracchi
Head of Brussels Unit

Francesco Palumbo
Junior Policy and Communication Officer

Giulia Butera
Project Assistant

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