ASK 4 Green: an Advocacy for Social Key-instances in Green Transition - APRE
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8 Giugno 2023


APRE EU Liaison Office & on line

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Miriam de Angelis, NCP Horizon Europe Cluster 5 at APRE

Mattia Ceracchi, Head of APRE Brussels Unit


ASK 4 Green: an Advocacy for Social Key-instances in Green Transition

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ASK 4 Green: an Advocacy for Social Key-instances in Green Transition

The workshop ASK 4 Green: an Advocacy for Social Key-instances in Green Transition“, organised by APRE, the Italian Agency for the Promotion of European Research, the H2020 project W4RES and GREENET, the network of national contact points (NCPs) for Cluster 5 of Horizon Europe Programme, aims at raising awareness about channelling process of pivotal social instances in the framework of sustainability and behavioural changes towards the Green Transition.

The workshop will be organised in hybrid mode as satellite event of the EU Green Week Conference and will happen in one session (June the 8th 2023, 9:30-13:00 a.m. CEST), in order to easily gather policy makers and other relevant stakeholders (e.g., main players in education decision-making such as teachers and educational institutions boards). The main physical location will be the city of Brussels (APRE EU Liaison Office | Rue du Trône, 98 – 1050 Brussels), EU nerve decision-making and political centre. The online component will be streamed through  APRE’s Teams channel, in order to target a wider audience.

The goal will be to present policy makers the strategies implemented in 5 EU-funded projects dedicated to Sustainable Energies and aimed at understanding and channelling bottom-up social instances. The projects in questions will act as “living recommendations” to fuel public debate and orient decision-making:

  • H2020 W4RES (Scaling-up the involvement of women in supporting and accelerating market uptake of renewable energy sources for heating and cooling), chosen to boost public conscience and accountability about gender-inclusion in energy production processes and other professional horizons.
  • HE MARINEWIND (Market Uptake Measures of Floating Offshore Wind Technology Systems), selected as case study for the overcoming of criticalities in social acceptance of FOWTs (Floating Offshore Wind Technologies) due to environmental sensitivity.
  • HE ALFA (Scaling up the market uptake of Renewable Energy Systems by unlocking the biogas potential of Agriculture and Livestock Farming), built around the concept of biofuel as engine for a radical first-hand change in EU lifestyle and economic processes.
  • Twin projects H2020 SUPER-I (Extended Public-Private Partnership for Investment in Smart Energy Efficiency Projects in a Social Housing context) and HE SUPERSHINE (S=Smart U=Upgraded asset-values and quality of life P=Public Private Partnership E=Extended Energy Efficiency R=Renewables triggered by the project SH=Social Housing I=Investment N=Net Zero E=European), concerning Social Housing as a catalyst for fighting economic inequalities and disadvantages through implementation of affordable and efficient sustainable measures.

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