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24 Gennaio 2024


European Parliament, Room ASP 3H1

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SLEs project


Laura Mentini, Project Manager ‘SLEs’, APRE –
Mattia Ceracchi, Head of APRE Brussels Unit –


Bring research and innovation to school and beyond

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Bring research and innovation to school and beyond

The STEAM Learning Ecologies project is organising a Policy Dialogue event: Bring research and innovation to school and beyond. The event will take place in Brussels (European Parliament, Room ASP 3H1) on the 24 January 2024.

STEAM Learning Ecologies (SLEs) is an EU-funded project (Horizon Europe) developing engaging open schooling-enabled science learning paths for all in learning continuums of formal and informal learning environments that are also focusing on inclusiveness.

This event – organized by APRE in the context of the with SLEs project – will bring together European and national policymakers, as well as education, research and innovation stakeholders, in order to:

  • Provide an overview of the different science education-related policy initiatives launched by the European Commission in recent years, e.g., in the context of the Skills Agenda (Action 7 “Increasing STEM graduates and fostering entrepreneurial and transversal skills”) and the ERA Policy Agenda (Action 14 “Bring science closer to citizens”), as well as the most recent policymaking developments connected with open schooling in science education at country-level;
  • Promote and discuss opportunities and blockages of the open schooling approach and STE(A)M skills development to foster science education for European citizens, contributing to evidence-based policy as emerges from EU-funded projects on open schooling, while also providing policy recommendations for the future;
    Raise awareness and develop a shared understanding amongst stakeholders on the importance of science education to ultimately deepen and strengthen the European research and innovation area;
  • Validate the first SLEs Policy Brief: Open Schooling for Science Education and a Learning Continuum for all.

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