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Dalla Commissione europea

European innovation scoreboard 2022

The annual European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) provides a comparative assessment of the research and innovation performance of EU Member States and selected third countries, and the relative strengths and weaknesses of their research and innovation systems. It helps countries assess areas in which they need to concentrate their efforts in order to boost their innovation performance.


European Commission (September 2022)

Science, research and innovation performance of the EU 2022

The «Science, Research and Innovation Performance of the EU, 2022» report analyses Europe’s performance in science, research and innovation and its drivers, amidst multiple crises. The report combines a thorough indicator-based analysis with deep dives into topical policy issues.


European Commission (August 2022)

Valorising research through citizens’ engagement

With the aim to test the hackathon model as a method to engage citizens and develop innovative and feasible solutions to citizens’ needs while valorising knowledge, DG RTD carried out a six-month experiment – CitizensHack2022. The current document draws on this experience as well as further consultations with experts and practitioners to develop practical guidelines for hackathons as a tool to valorise knowledge with citizens on the driving seat.


European Commission (June 2022)

Strategic Foresight Report - 2022

The 2022 Strategic Foresight Report presents a forward-looking strategic reflection on the interactions between the green and digital transitions. Both are at the top of the EU’s political agenda and their interplay will have massive consequences for the future.


European Commission (June 2022)

From research results to innovative solutions

This report presents a collection of national and regional initiatives for knowledge transfer in EU Member States and Horizon 2020 associated countries with focus on two of the main knowledge valorisation channels: academia–industry collaboration and citizen engagement.


European Commission (May 2022)

Scaling-up social innovation - Seven steps for using ESF+

This toolkit recommends seven strategic steps to follow in support of scaling-up of social innovations. The seven steps are inspired by a range of European and other research projects, practical experiences, European Union (EU) policy acquis, and dialogue about research, practice and policy.


European Commission (May 2022)

Towards inclusive gender equality in research and innovation

The factsheet present tips and good practices for R&I stakeholders to support the inclusion and equal opportunity of students, researchers and staff from diverse and marginalised backgrounds in European R&I systems.


European Commission (May 2022)

Open science and intellectual property rights

This report presents the result of a study that explores the interactions and the balance between Open Science and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The report presents the state of the art and reflections to scope the statement ‘as open as possible, as closed as necessary’ in the context of an evolving and open Research and Innovation ecosystem.


European Commission (April 2022)

Study on factors impeding the productivity of research and the prospects for open science policies to improve the ability of the research and innovation system

This report aims to review evidence on three related lines of enquiry at the core of the current debates on research policy and practice: (i) factors that can hinder the productivity of research; (ii) prospects for open science practices to improve research productivity; and (iii) the ability of research and innovation systems to transform financial investments in research into valuable outputs and societal outcomes.


European Commission (April 2022)

CORDIS results pack on citizen science

Citizen science, for which citizens collaborate with scientists on research and innovation, has the potential to improve the excellence and impact of research and deepen the relationship between science and society. This results pack showcases 12 EU-funded projects that are developing good practices as well as building the capacities and networks needed to foster successful collaborations with citizens across Europe.


European Commission (April 2022)

Recovery and resilience scoreboard. Thematic analysis

The Recovery and Resilience Scoreboard gives an overview of how the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) and the national recovery and resilience plans is progressing. The RRF entered into force in February 2021 to mitigate the economic and social impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.


European Commission (April 2022)

EU research and innovation and the invasion of Ukraine

This paper aims to identify and investigate the impact of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in early 2022 on research and innovation (R&I) in Europe.


European Commission (April 2022)

European Research Area policy agenda

The ERA Policy Agenda sets out voluntary ERA actions for the period 2022-2024 to contribute to the priority areas defined in the Council Recommendation on a Pact for Research and Innovation in Europe (Pact for R&I). It is a first step to addressing comprehensively the priority areas set out in the Pact for R&I. Subsequent editions of the ERA Policy Agenda will further complement these actions in the long term.


European Commission (March 2022)

CORDIS Results Pack on gender equality in research

Despite significant progress over the last decades, gender inequality still remains a prominent issue in the EU. Published to mark International Women’s Day 2022, this Results Pack seeks to raise awareness of the importance of a gender perspective in research and innovation.

gender equality_cover

European Commission (March 2022)

A policy toolkit to increase research and innovation in the European Union

What research and innovation (R&I) policies should Europe adopt? The world faces a challenge to rebuild after the pandemic, but also faces the same structural slowdown of productivity growth that occurred in the decades before the COVID crisis. We need to have a plan around innovation policy to address the challenge.

a policy toolkit_cover

European Commission (February 2022)

The management and commercialisation of intellectual property in European universities

This report presents the results of an empirical study that explores intellectual property (IP) management practices among universities in the European Union. The report presents models and processes of IP management and research commercialisation – and their interdependencies.

IP in european university_cover

European Commission (February 2022)

Recommendations on how to make R&I a driver for sustainable development in AU-EU relations

This policy study is authored by the Advisory Group (AG) on R&I for Africa-Europe cooperation commissioned by the European Commission´s Directorates-General for Research and Innovation and for International Partnerships. The document presents the groups findings on how to best mainstream and boost R&I-cooperation with African partners in the field of (1) health, (2) R&I capacities, (3) technology and innovation and (4) green transition.


European Commission (February 2022)

European Chips Act: Factsheet

Semiconductor chips are the essential building blocks of digital products we use constantly ranging from smartphones and computers, to appliances in our homes, lifesaving medical equipment, communication, energy, industrial automation and more. The European Chips Act will ensure that the EU strengthens its semiconductors ecosystem, increases its resilience, and reduces external dependencies.


European Commission (February 2022)

Valorisation policies. Making research results work for society: from research to standards

Standards form a common language that allows researchers, people, public institutions and industry to communicate, produce and commercialise products and services. This is especially important in the European single market. The European Green Deal and the Industrial Strategy for Europe make clear that developing new standards will be essential to boost industry’s competitiveness, build a sustainable future and shape a Europe fit for the digital age.


European Commission (February 2022)

Meeting the pandemic challenges. Contribution of EU R&I funding to COVID-19 related research

Funding from the European Commission is playing a large role into all-important COVID-19 pandemic-related research. The study identifies 2 700 COVID-19 relevant publications, to which the EU research and innovation funding has contributed. The year 2020 saw 47% of the papers being published. The other half of the papers examined were published before the pandemic. These publications were supported by all parts of the two previous framework programmes FP7 and Horizon 2020, forerunners to Horizon Europe.


European Commission (September 2021)

Qualitative Evaluation of completed Projects funded by the European Research Council 2020

The European Research Council (ERC) supports excellent investigators and their research teams to pursue ground-breaking and high-risk/high-gain research. In order to monitor the impact of the funded research, the ERC organises an annual qualitative evaluation of the research outcomes of finalised projects. This ex-post peer-review assessment complements other programme analyses and provides an overall view of the quality and the scientific impact of the funded research. This report presents the outcome of the 2020 qualitative evaluation of completed ERC project.


European Commission (October 2021)

Testing the feasibility of a new industry-academia knowledge exchange concept focusing on companies’ needs

This feasibility study discusses the adaptability of an explorative co-creation method in an industry–academia knowledge exchange context. This study is based on the empirical evidence of the co-creation experience of five European companies and cross-border student teams. It clearly shows that the co-creation experience is relevant and adds value for all parties.


European Commission (September 2021)

R&I and the green transition

This literature review is developed by the ‘Economics of R&I’ team of the Chief Economist unit of DG Research and Innovation. It provides a brief summary of a selection of recent publications on R&I economics and policy. Contributors for this edition: Ana Correia, Océane Peiffer-Smadja, Julien Ravet (team leader).

R&I and the green transition

European Commission (July 2021)

A Systemic Approach to the Energy Transition in Europe

The opinion on the ‘A systemic approach to the energy transition in Europe’ is provided in support of the College of the European Commission. The scoping paper which sets out the mandate for this opinion focuses on the following question: ““How can the European Commission contribute to the preparation for, acceleration, and facilitation of the energy transition in Europe given the present state of knowledge on the possible transition pathways?”

cover_energy transition

European Commission (June 2021)

Artificial intelligence, blockchain and the future of Europe

This report, produced by the European Investment Bank and the European Commission, provides a global overview of the state of play of both technologies. It shows that Europe needs to address an investment gap of up to €10 billion that is holding back development and deployment of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies in the EU.


European Commission (June 2021)

EU valorisation policy: making research results work for society

What EU valorisation policy is, why we need it, what the EU is doing? The Council has asked the Commission to develop a strategy to accelerate the potential uptake of research and innovation results and data.

EU valorisation

European Commission (2020)

Activity Report on Citizen Science – discoveries from a five year journey

This publication is a report by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s science and knowledge service.
It aims to provide evidence-based scientific support to the European policymaking process

cover_activity report on citizen science

European Commission (2020)

Mission-Oriented Research & Innovation in the European Union

A problem-solving approach to fuel innovation-led growth. A report by Mariana Mazzuccato

cover_mazzuccato report

European Commission (February 2018)

EU research & innovation for and with cities

This report provides an overview of the main EU Research and Innovation (R&I) actions for and with cities, promoted both at the European and international level to foster sustainable urban development. In addition it presents a detailed overview of budget of Horizon 2020 and the past three research Framework Programmes (FP7, FP6 and FP5) committed to city-related projects

EU for and with cities

European Commission (September 2017)


Report of the independent High Level Group on maximising the impact of EU Research & Innovation Programmes.


European Commission (July 2017)

Open innovation, open science, open to the world

This book brings together some of the key conceptual insights behind Open Innovation, Open Science and Open to the World and highlights actions that are already taking place or are being prepared.

cover_open innovator

European Commission (May 2016)

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